Gourmet Experience

Indulge the senses in a gourmet hotel-restaurant. On the menu: creative and contemporary cuisine featuring local produce… with an offer including accommodation, breakfast and lunch or dinner in the hotel's restaurant.

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3 nights for the price of 2

Extend your weekend or your stay at Castle Hotel Windsor. The offer includes a taste of tradition in a distinctive setting with 3 nights for the price of 2 including breakfast.

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Memorable Moment

For an experience as unique as it is unexpected, our Memorable Moment is the perfect offer to get away from it all. Evoke childhood memories of Ratty and Toad from The Wind in the Willows as you indulge in an idyllic picnic on England’s most iconic river, the Thames. You’ll be transported in style, on your own private boat, setting sail from Windsor and gliding leisurely past some of the town’s most renowned landmarks. On your journey to Bray Marina, in its delightful country park setting, you’ll choose when to open your hamper and partake in the wonderful selection of treats, both food and drink, that we’ve packed for you with our compliments.!

Experience includes 2 nights’ accommodation, breakfast and the experience unique to the hotel and exclusive to its guests.

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